Eastern Region Radio Personalities are hypocrites and cowards – Racky Nova

racky nova

Born Philip Gamesu, popularly known in the music scene as Racky Nova is one of the renowned Musicians from the volta region but was born and bread in koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Racky Nova is a very versatile rapper with a hard core tongue of hip hop.

Almost all of his recorded songs was highly anticipated in Eastern region and other parts of Ghana and has featured notable Ghanaian musicians such as Yaa Pono, Gasmilla, Luta and many others.

His great works has always been outstanding and for that matter deserves some accolades.

Racky Nova throw shots to Eastern Region radio personalities

In 2015, Racky Nova won himself the most popular song of the year in the Eastern Region Music Awards which got people talking about him.

This time Racky Nova descends heavily on almost all the radio and media personalities in Eastern region.

The rapper believes that, Eastern region presenters are not treating artists in the region fairly and for that matter he has to draw their attention to it.

“Most presenters in the region have their own artists that they manage and for that matter, they are adamant to playing his songs, those who are willing does not play the full track,” he added.

Eastern Region got great talents which has to be showcase to Ghana and the entire world but this can only be achieved if bloggers, DJs and other media personalities play our songs and showcase our works to the world, ” Racky Nova stated.

It is every artist dream to go higher and be held in a high esteem, so i edge all media personalities in my region to sit up.

I am not saying play only ’emerging actssongs, but at least if each and every presenter or DJ is to play our songs on their programs, it would be a form of inspiration and would enlighten artists to put in more efforts.

Lets arise for change, you and I can change the status quo and reinforce talent promotion in our region and Ghana as a whole.

On this note, i will like to big up all the DJs who in one way or the other promoting Eastern Music.